Lifting and Moving Straps, Set of Straps for 2 People, Orange, Shoulder Strap, Furniture Mover, Appliance Mover, Lift and Move Heavy Bulky Objects Safely, Efficiently. OneLina

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Make lifting furniture and moving appliances a breeze with these straps.
Forget about back pain, shoulder pain, or having to pay someone to move a couch, a bed, or even a refrigerator for you and do it yourself pain free.
・ No back pain when using the straps to lift.
・ Lift heavy objects easy and effortlessly.
・ Save your floors and other furniture from being damaged by dollys, hand trucks or dragging furniture all over the place.
・ Easy setup leading to easy lifting to get things done quick and efficiently. 1 SET OF STRAPS FOR 2 PEOPLE!
・Going up and down stairs with furniture has never been easier.
Benefits & Characteristics:
・ High quality straps, with High quality stitching combined with Strong metal buckles.
・ Perfect for lifting of heavy objects.
・ Strap Size: 112 in x 3 in.
・Product weight: 1.42 Lbs.
You can now purchase our carrying and moving straps for an irresistible price. And if you’re not satisfied, we’ll return your money without question.
Our Inventory is limited, so don’t over think it and buy yours now Before its too late!
THE STRAPS: These straps are made specifically for any lifting, carrying, and moving of heavy objects. Anything from furniture to appliances, if it’s heavy and needs to be moved these straps are made for the job. It comes with 1 SET OF STRAPS FOR 2 PEOPLE!
TIME, MONEY, AND FLOOR SAVER: These straps will help you save your time and money by not having to wait or pay for movers, and since they help with making the lifting much easier you won’t have to drag anything on your floors again.
LEAVE THE PAIN IN THE PAST: When using the straps, you will be leaving your back or any shoulder pain in the past. The straps help promote correct lifting technique to reduce muscle strain and eventually pain.
ONE SIZE FITS ALL: There are 3 different size adjustment to be used at your advantage, if one size doesn’t work you can try any of the other 2 until you get it just right.
HANDS ARE STILL AVAILABLE: Since you are not using your hands to hold up said heavy object, you can use your hands to open doors, grab railings, or even snap a picture of how easy it is to lift with these straps.

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