Moving Straps for Lifting Mattress,Furniture, Appliances – 2 Person Carry and Lift

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EASILY CARRY LARGE AND HEAVY OBJECTS The straps are designed for moving,lifting and carrying some heavy objects,like furniture,small appliances (washer,dryer etc) and mattress etc.
EASY TO MANEUVER Easy opening doors,grasping railings,and balancing objects.

COST SAVING AND BACK PROTECTING Save cost and time from movers and protect your back.

Lay both straps side by side underneath furniture/object or x cross for sturdiness specially for objects without legs Grab ends of both straps individually ,one in each hand With your back straight ,bend knees slightly and put the strap on forearm , right on the base of your elbow(not onto elbow).Place your hands directly in front of your shoulders and put them flat on the object to be carried, with your fingers pointing upwards When both movers are ready move upwards by straightening legs slowly , do not pushTO LOWER With back still straight bend slightly at the knees at landing area.
EASILY MOVES LARGE OBJECTS: These straps employs leverage and makes the object easier to carry using right technique.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN : Designed to encourage proper lifting technique ,which not only makes it easier to carry heavy objects but also reduce the risk of back injury.
ADJUSTABLE: Each nylon strap is 9 feet and 2 inches long.It has three loops at each end, making it adjustable to carry easily small and large sized objects accordingly.
HEAVY DUTY: Rated to 650 pounds
BACK PROTECTOR : Protects your back and saves time by moving large objects quickly.

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