SANMENMO Bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll, Inflatable Easy Use&Store Great Protection Air Pillow for Glass Ceramic Artist Shipment-Fragile Valuables Breakable Package Supplies(11.5 in x54 yd)-Family RV Standing Express Shipping Goods Gift Packaging Partner

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Inflatable Strengthened Bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll–Packaging Materials for Shipping

1.What’s it?
This is a new Packaging Materials for Shipping,it is inflatable/strengthened/easy to use&store, It can provide great protection for your products during transportation.

2.What does it used for?
I use it to pack glasses, ceramics, laptops, handmade artist, etc., especially fragile and valuable items,I don’t want customers to return the goods because they were damaged in transit.And also I use it to wrap the gifts I give to my parents, daughters, nephews, etc., because I insist on 100% perfect gifts to convey our 100% love.

3.How to use it?
Easy,First you have to roughly estimate the required length(Please note that the length will be shortened after inflation),then pinch where you want the inflation to stop and pump it,now you have made your package material,use it for your shipping package.TIPS:We have prepared the manual for you.

4.What type of pump should be used?
Household pump or air compressor set at a low PSI,We will provide you a small pump which suitable for small items packaging for free.

5.How does it compare with other air packaging?
Its much better than bubble cushion wrap, air pillow,styrofoam peanuts, or newspaper,Easier to store than inflatable air pillows, cheaper and more convenient than inflatable air pillows.

If any problem please contact us at any time, we would resolve any issue for you until you 100% satisfied.
★ Protection for Gift Shipment★-Enhanced inflatable bubble cushion wrap roll,Especially suitable for packaging valuables and fragile items,Provide super protection for your wine, artist, sculpture, DIY items,woodwork, gift of love.
★Easy to Use Packing Material★-Cut the bubble cushion wrap roll as your need,Block one end and use a household pump to inflate until all aircells are full,then package your gift.(NOTE:The aircell is opened by air pressure, please seal it well when pumping.After inflation, each aircell will be automatically closed without additional operations.)
★Space-Saving Air Cushion★-Before inflation, the product is small in size, light in weight, does not occupy space.(NOTE:The length ratio before and after inflation is 1.4).
★Package on Demand★-It does not like bubble cushion warp sleeves fix the packaging size,All you have to do is pinch where you want the inflation to stop According to product size, so you can make custom sizes.
★Independent Aircell&Reuse★-Each type of gas is stored separately, one type leaks, and the other is not affected, which has a better protection effect.When inflated, it can remain air-tight for 12 months,which makes it can be reused.

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