Packaging Paper Cushioning Kraft Wrap Honeycomb Wrap Roll Bubble Alternative Shipping Moving Supply Gift wrapping (15″x164′)

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(as of May 06,2022 21:16:37 UTC – Details)

1. Eco-friendly alternative to all plastic packaging wraps.More reliable and effective packaging than kraft paper for shipping, moving,and storing any fragile items such as glassware, electronics, perfumes,ceramics, paintings, toys, etc.
2.Cushioning kraft paper provides exceptional protection. It is usedin many industries, such as e-commerce, express logistics, printing suppliesindustry, ceramics, electronic products, sporting goods, etc.
3. Honeycomb wrapping paper fits snugly around goods and takes upless space .Reusable, lower cost.
4.Fits around weird shaped pieces better than any foam sheets,eliminating the need for tape.
5.Easy to tear at the exact length needed; eliminates waste andtakes up less space than bubble.
6.It’s an alternative to other packaging material.
✿Made of kraft paper, 100% sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Bubble Alternative.
✿Excellent for packing fragile goods and Objects with electrostatic surface.
✿So easy to tear, makes packing go quicker no scissors or tape needed
✿Hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that wraps items tightly.eliminating the need for tape.Great for packing small items to ship and not get damaged.
✿Aesthetically pleasing packaging provides for a better unboxing experience.

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