Swim Cap Kids-2 Pack Silicone Fun Swim Caps for Girls and Boys, Kids Swimming Hats with Cartoon Sharks & Minnows Design

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From SANT brand words:
Every child has a cartoon world, as a parent, maybe we can do more.
These swim caps are made of premium silicone, different from inferior silicone, it is more durable and safe, ensuring that your child can use them carefree.
Cool and adurable look, boys love the shark and girls love the pink minnows. We hope that our swimming caps will bring more fun to your children while swimming.
Swim Tips:
1. Before your child swims, be sure to let the child prepare for the activity, exercise the limbs, and rub the body with cold water to adjust to the water temperature.
2.children should not eat too much food before entering the water. Once the food is pressed into the trachea, it is easy to cause suffocation. Parents can choose to give their children some food before half an hour before swimming.
3.Children should not enter the pool immediately when they are sweating. They should first dry the sweat with a dry towel and wait until the pores shrink before entering the pool.
4.After the end of swimming, you can use your normal saline to wash your eyes or use special eye drops to protect your child eyes. Cleanse your body and keep chemicals from swimming pool water on your skin, causing skin irritation.
Product Tips:
1. Rinse in fresh cold water and then dry it after each use
2. Not exposed to direct sunlight for long time.
3. Avoid any sharp objects.
4. Perfect for kids age 3-12.


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