Ranpak FillPak Go – 1660′ x 15″ of 30 void fill paper in a dispenser carton. Compact for easy storage, perforated every 9″ for easy use. Fills 100+ cartons with .5 cf of packing material,PPK301500

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Our goal is to provide you with eco-friendly products that offer you outstanding protection for your valuables. Packing paper in a dispenser box can be used to fill large voids in packages. The FillPak Go is filled with recyclable packing paper, which is specially designed to safely deliver all shipments to the recipient. With this paper you need less material to protect your products. The FillPak Go can be easily opened at the marked points with an oval cutout. The container is easy to use and requires no extra storage space or elaborate power supply. The small and light box with integrated handles is very mobile. The adhesive strips on the bottom ensure that the FillPak Go won’t slip or slide when in use. Use the sustainable, eco-friendly, and flexible paper packing material and show your commitment to our environment. The kraft packing paper for shipping is biodegradable and is curbside recyclable. By choosing this void fill kraft paper, you are supporting responsible forestry.
Recyclable Paper
PROTECTIVE: The void fill paper provides excellent protection for shipment. It provides strong shock absorption by filling empty spaces in packaging that may cause items to break during shipment
FLEXIBLE: The light weight and compact shape allows the FillPak Go void fill paper dispenser to be used almost anywhere. It doesn’t require electricity and can be easily used for any shipment
perforated every 9″ for ease of use
COST-EFFICIENT: The paper is taken directly from packing paper dispenser. The dispenser requires less material and significantly reduces the storage volume. The packing material is always available
SIMPLE: The FillPak Go packing paper for shipping eliminates the laborious manual crumpling by hand. The void paper only needs to be pulled out, torn off and placed in the packing carton
SUSTAINABLE: The green packing paper for shipping gives you optimal protection you need for shipping without using harmful plastic packaging. The paper is recyclable and easy to dispose of

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