IDL Packaging HexaFil Honeycomb Packing Kraft Paper 15″ x 1700′ in Self-Dispensed Box – Patented Cushioning Box Filler for Void Filling, Moving, Shipping – Alternative to Bubble Plastic

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The HexaFil is 100% ORIGINAL honeycomb paper. The most reliable and effective packaging material for shipping and protecting fragile products! Size: 43 lbs kraft paper roll, 15-inch wide and 1700 feet long in a self-dispensed box made from recyclable cardboard. The portable self-dispensed box saves space on the packaging station and allows you to stretch the honeycomb packing paper to the desired density. Continuous perforation allows you to hand tear at desired length. Made by the patented slit paper technology, this innovative box filler has expanded volume and maximized strength of fibers. The superior cushioning product is proven to outperform product protection alternatives – including plastic-based bubble wrapping and pillows. Made from kraft paper, HexaFil is the most economical packaging material available for void filling. It is used in many industries, such as e-commerce, express logistics, the printing supplies industry, ceramics, electronic products, sporting goods, etc. You get the HexaFil honeycomb packing paper in a self-dispense box in secure packaging that assures safe coast-to-coast delivery.
【INNOVATIVE CUSHIONING MATERIAL, BOX FILLER】 The only authentic, 100% ORIGINAL HexaFil honeycomb packing paper. Proudly made in the US. Brown color. Size: 43 lbs kraft paper roll, 15-inch wide and 1700 feet long when expanded, in a self-dispensed box made from recyclable cardboard
【THE ONLY PROVEN SLIT PAPER TECHNOLOGY】 The HexaFil produced by the slit paper technology was developed over 30 years ago. Five years ago, the technology was improved, and a new interlocking design system was added to create even better packing material with extra cushioning. The newly engineered hexagonal cells allow the honeycomb wrapping to expand as you pull, creating a high-performance void filling material. The achieved three-dimensional cushioning product (paper) replaces traditional plastic, bubble, and other paper-based packaging products in terms of properties and efficiency
【USED BY THE USA’S LEADING RETAILERS】 Do not risk the integrity of the package, choose the proven one to get the expected protection for your products. We offer a smart solution from the leader in sustainable packaging. Approved by leading e-commerce retailers
【PERFECT FOR GLASSWARE, CERAMICS, AND ALL FRAGILES】 The most reliable and effective box filler for fixing products inside to eliminate movement. Great for shipping, moving and storing any fragile items such as glassware, electronics, perfumes, ceramics, paintings, toys, etc. It is easily hand torn, no scissors or knives are needed
【ECO-CONSCIOUS ALTERNATIVE TO ALL PLASTIC PACKAGING WRAPS】For the longest time, you’ve had to use bubble plastic wraps, air pillows, or peanuts to protect your valuables during shipping. Now we present the revolutionary and sustainable alternative to all plastic void fillers and wraps. HexaFil is the most popular option that provides efficient void filling in the box, and HexcelWrap is the best material for your products’ packaging and wrapping
【100% RECYCLABLE, GROUNDBREAKING PACKING MATERIAL】 This cushioning void fill packing paper is made from kraft paper that is 100% natural material that does not pollute nature. It is a multipurpose and cost-effective packaging material with a high protection rate and operational efficiency
【ABOUT IDL PACKAGING】 Responsible and considerate approach to all customer needs is the key principle of our service. We value our customers and offer packaging products that were precisely chosen and approved by our packaging experts. We actually use these products ourselves

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